Sabis is a newly introduced sport, originated from Northern part of Nigeria and is been played mostly by the youth ranging from 15-30 years of age.
Sabis International Sport Federation is a governing body of Sabis that regulates all the affairs, operations and rules of the Sabis game.


The Game is palyed between two teams of six players on each side of a Sabis pitch, Each player on both sides holds a Sabis stick and the game is played with one Roller. Both teams are to ensure the roller does not fall on its side and stops rolling on their side of the court. The players acheive this by hitting the roller back and forth with the sabis stick, hands, and legs, until it falls on its side, and a point is awarded. The game is started by a member of a team serving the roller to the other team in a bowling movement.

The Roller

The Roller is made up of recycled polyesters, compressed into a round and dense foam like composition.

The Stick

The Flexible stick is heated carved out of bamboo sticks.

The Pitch

The pitch houses six players on both sides, with a serving area, and two playing areas on both sides.

3D model of the Sabis Pitch


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All you need to enjoy the game is a Sabis Stick, a Roller, and a Plain Field.
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Founders & Regulators

About us

Sabis International Sport Federation, is the main governing body, responsible for the development, regulation and standardization of the game.

Rules of the Game

- The standard game must be played on the presence of two (2) Referees and Two (2) Lines-man.

- Two teams must play the game at a time. And each player at each team has to be positioned according to the player positioning of the game.

- Two teams on friendly matches and 32 numbers of teams on a competition will play the Game.

- Each team will consist of 6 players and 3 substitutes. (See players positioning on the Sabis Pitch)

- At each Play, the game will be played and presides by 4 officials (2 referee, 2 End to end Lines-man) also see positioning on the Sabis Pitch.

- Each player will have a playing stick called: Sabis Stick

- A team must lead with even a single point in order to win the game.

- The Server must be at the serving point each time a serve has to be made. Serving out of the serving point is a foul count.

- Each two foul count is a single point Goal Count against the team.

- If the roller lap at any of the team boundary, it is a goal count against the team.

- If the roller laps on the first boundary (Blue) it is a single point goal count. If it laps on the second boundary (Green) it is a double point goal count. If it laps on the third boundary (Red) it is a three-point goal count.

- If a team shoots the roller and it goes out of the game boundary, it is a foul count against the team.

- The game will be played for four (4) rounds, and each round has duration of 20 minutes. The referees will decides for additional time and extra time if the game comes to draw during competitions.

- If the Roller is at the Third Boundary (Red) that Team/Player has a chance of using leg or bare hands to control the roller, but immediately it comes to green or Blue boundaries it is a must to stop.

- Touching the roller with hands or legs at the First or Second Boundary (Blue & Green) is a foul count against the team.

- There are three disciplinary cards i.e. Green, Yellow and Red. The referees will decide which one to be given to a player upon committing an offensive or forbidden action. If Green Card is given to a player, that player will be out of the game for 5 minutes. If a Yellow Card is given to a player, that player will be out of the game for complete 1 round. If a Red Card if given that player will be totally and completely out of the game.

Punishable Offences

- Any player that hit an opponents player with his stick.

- If a player smashs his stick on the ground.

- If a player intentionally throw his stick to a player or the roller.

- If a player intentionally allows the roller to go out of his boundary.

- If a player is making intentional wrong serve.

- If a player follows the roller to the opponents boundary and hit the roller

- Fighting

- Insult in any sort of way.

- General Unusual/bad Behavior.

- Racism

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